Stocked & Loaded

STOCKED and LOADEDWe have talked to many customers and industry insiders who say that they are already seeing extended times/backorders for new boats and selected repair parts. Between the delayed back ordered parts and service departments that are understaffed and swamped, you may be looking at longer than usual wait times on getting your boat water ready!

A word to our customers-don't put off necessary repairs, etc. until the weather gets warmer or you may miss a lot of the season.

Fortunately, our spring propeller restocking order will be here within a couple of weeks. This order contains about 400 new props and 320 hub kits. This amount is in addition to the approximately 200+ new, 150+ used props, and 150+ hub kits we keep in stock year around.

We are estimating we will start the season with approximately 750 props and 500 hub kits.

We are confident that this is one of (if not the) largest stock of props and hub kits in the state.

Be sure to check in with Indy Prop Shop to see if we have a new/used propeller that you need before missing half of your boating season due to backorder issues! Getting out and enjoying your craft is what it is all about!