A Boaters New Year's Resolution List

Typical people have New Year’s resolutions that traditionally include, saving money, losing weight, quitting smoking, boat resolutionstart exercising, start a new hobby, etc.  Boaters tend to have a different type of resolution list.  Here are a few of our boating resolutions for 2019! 
  1. Spend More Time on the Water
  2. Explore New Bodies of Water
  3. Learn About My Helm Electronics (go through the full tutorials to discover the true capability of all of the buttons and gadgets) 
  4. Share my love of boating with friends and family
  5. Protect my (and my families) skin from the sun (sunscreen, hats, protective clothing)
  6. Brush up on my boater safety (Maybe even take a Boater Safety Course) 
  7. Stay on top of boat maintenance and care
  8. Do my part to keep the beaches, shores, and water clean (never pollute, pick up trash in and around the water, encourage others to do the same) 
  9. Abstain from all alcohol while I am driving my boat.  The same laws apply in the water as on land and I want to be alert and aware at all times while behind the wheel.
  10. Do a boating maintenance task that I have been putting off (i.e. install the LED navigation lights, change the steering helm, rewire the power distribution panel, etc) 
  11. Begin planning and saving for my dream boating trip (my personal goal: Jacksonville/St.Augustine)  
What are your boating resolutions?