Getting Your Boat Propeller Ready for Winter

Now this may seem counterintuitive for me to tell you how to preserve the life and integrity of your boat prop since my life’sbreakfast work is repairing boat props and I’m essentially teaching myself out of business, but here goes.  :) 

You will need to pull the propeller off of the outboard or sterndrive motor.  Once it is removed you will want to put a fresh coat of grease on the splines.  By re-greasing the splines you are helping to ensure that the prop does not get “frozen” or stuck on the shaft.  (Once a prop is frozen on it is usually a nightmare to get it off and often times the process of yanking it off, using chemicals, and using heat will end up costing you more in repairs)  

There are a variety of different greases on the market today that can help keep your splines & prop lubricated.  You will want to stay away from any anti-seize compounds if you intend to have your boat in salt water since it will cause a galvanized reaction and therefore make the problem worse.  Instead, you want to use a water-proof marine grease. We also recommend products such as, The Mercury Special 101 with Teflon or X2 Tripleguard but you can get away with using cheaper options as well.  Even if you aren’t storing your boat for the winter or live somewhere where the weather allows you to boat year round (lucky you) you will still want to grease the splines at least once a year!   Best of luck and happy boating!