Fuel Usage: Is Your Prop To Blame?

Have you noticed an uptick in your recent fuel consumption?  Are you filling up more than you were last year? What many propefficiencypeople fail to realize is that boat props are important to efficiency.  When choosing a prop the primary concern should be to make sure it allows the engine to turn up to a speed within the specifications of the manufacturer (usually within 500 revolutions of rpm).  This helps to lengthen the life of your engine as well by not lugging it down or letting it over-rev. There are many other properties to a prop that have an effect on the efficiency for your particular boat including, number of blades, pitch, and skew.  We could help you determine which prop type would be best for your boat that would be most efficient.

In fact, a bent or dented prop can rob you of 10% of your fuel costs right off the top.  We can use our machinery to determine how far out of specs your prop is and can then either repair it or suggest a replacement.  Contact us today!