The only choice in prop replacement or repair! A wealth of knowledge!

Christopher Newby

These people know their business and do great work at a fair price!

Woody Woodcock

These guys are the most intelligent guys when it comes to propping a boat and the customer service is the best.

John Duley

Fantastic craftsmanship, excellent pricing and the employees care about the customers. Great place to get your boat prop or outdrive repaired, buy new prop or outdrive tools.

Doug Pyle

Found these guys online. Took a chance someone would answer the phone. They were open! Got a new prop, installed. Fantastic customer service! Got me back in the water in fast time. Definitely call these guys for your repair/replacement prop needs. Very reasonable prices!

Allen Campbell

Sent them my used prop. Told them what I was looking for out of my boat. They changed the pitch and repaired the damage. I tried it this weekend, and the performance is outstanding!! Very good to deal with! Thanks again!

Seth Wooten